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Lemon Labs is a lean startup incubator. Powered by customer development and the team with15 years of experience in Internet business. We try to use technology to solve problems and we believe it’s just the beginning.

Recent Projects

webrobi Brinch is all about bringing customers to the store and enriching their in-store experience. We use iBeacon technology to create custom mobile apps supporting sales & making your businness grow. Brinch brings you real time analitycs from the offline world.
appimeo appimeo - first Polish platform bringing together the best applications for your business. The aim of appimeo is to facilitate the discovery, comparison and selection of business applications that help run the company. We provide detailed information, comparisons and opinions about the best software that meets the needs of users' businesses. We believe that good business applications contribute to the success of the company.
webrobi Simple but a powerful website creator. Easily create your stunning website by simply dragging & dropping items - no coding required. Get a free account or If you need more check out pricing plans.


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